About Us

Orca Information, Inc. has been providing background and investigative reports Nationwide since 1993. Our goal has always been to provide the most comprehensive and complete information reports and excellence in Customer Service.

  • 4 Times Vendor of the Year
  • King County Chapter 2 X's
  • NW Chapter 2 X's

We are members of local Chapters; Education Chair for 3 Chapters; Clock Hr. Instructor, locally, and for National & Regional Conferences. We are active in Legislation.

Orca Does NOT:

  • Own a Property Management Company - BEWARE - Some screening companies do.
  • Support Legislation that is hurtful to the Rental Industry.
  • Support Screening Reports or Services that undermine the Rental Industry so that we can increase our profits.
  • Rely on Unreliable Instant Nationwide Eviction or Criminal Searches - We use only when there is no other alternative.

Why Choose Orca?


A staff of Specialists is trained to personally review each request and aggressively, methodically, and painstakingly pay attention to every detail to ensure a thorough screening.


Our bilingual specialis's/investigators are intensively trained in fraud detection, reinforced with criminal and civil court records accessed from the world's most reliable databases (rarely used by our competitors). The result is a systematically created, easy to read, calculating report that works as a fortress, a protective force – a "discovery" of your applicants true identity, work history and level of personal and professional behavior. Each investigation is a labor-intensive compilation of data.


Report turn-around time is a remarkable 2 to 6 business hours. Online, instant credit and court data are available. "Instant" reports are the quickest, but sacrifice depth.


Fraud detection trained, our investigators are there for you. They are the same people who answer the phone when you call. Now that is customer service! Need customized reports? You got it! Just ask.