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"Deceased Tenants: The Landlord's Duties"

Published Jan 24, 2016

By "Melinda Hohlbein Loeffler"

"Notices to Pay Rent or Vacate - Loeffler Law Group PLLC v2"

Published Jan 24, 2016

By "Melinda Hohlbein Loeffler"

"Security Deposits: The Landlord's Duties - Loeffler Law Group PLLC"

Published Jan 24, 2016

By "Melinda Hohlbein Loeffler"

"I don’t charge rental applicants for screening fee. Am I still required to give Tenant Selection Policy before they fill out application?"

Published March 5, 2013

Read "Tenant Selection Policy - A Recommendation Sheet"
Read "Tenant Selection Policy - English"
Read "Tenant Selection Policy - Spanish"


Our Services - Tenant and Employment Screening

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Read "CO Alarm Fact Sheet 2012"


Tenant Selection Policy


Consumer Rights Letter


Property Manager & Landlord FAQ's: How long do I keep background check reports?


Property Manager & Landlord FAQ's: How can I get a free copy of my credit report?

How to Obtain a Free Copy of Your Credit Report


Property Manager & Landlord FAQ's: What is the best way to verify my applicant's income?

Read "Verifying Applicant's Income Best Practices"


Property Manager & Landlord FAQ's: Can I share a copy of the background check?

Service Agreement


Property Manager & Landlord FAQ's: How do you read a credit report?

Transunion Credit Report User Guide


Attack Asthma at Home: A practical approach to asthma trigger source control & prevention


Mold in your Home: Causes, Prevention, Cleanup

Read the Mold and Mildew Information Pamphlet
Read Mold Guidance for Tenants and Landlords
View the Mold & Mildew Addendum

Bed Bugs


View the Bed Bug Addendum


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