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Housing Leaders Warn of Shutdown’s Impact On Affordable Housing, Communities

Housing leaders are warning that the U.S. Department Of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) shutdown of most operations could be disastrous to Section 8 and other rental assistance programs, according to a release from the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities. “Public housing authorities, which are responsible for housing over three million low-income households nationwide, are […]

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NAHMA HUD Update: Follow-up HUD shutdown information

HUD HQ requested that we share the email below, as this email message was recently sent to O/As with contracts facing immediate funding lapses.  This week, NAHMA, our industry partners, and national media outlets learned that an estimated 1,150 contracts were not renewed prior to government shutdown, despite HUD’s assurances prior to government shutdown. Specifically, HUD was […]

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Lapse In Funding For HUD Multifamily Due To Government Shutdown – Rental Housing Journal

Federal Unpaid Workers Owe $438 Million In Rent And Mortgage Payments This Month The effects of the federal government shutdown on the housing market are wide-ranging and personal — unpaid workers still have to pay their rent or mortgage, while aspiring homeowners might see their loans in limbo, according to research from Zillow. About 800,000 unpaid […]

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