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Fair Tenant Screening & How To Comply

Please click link for full PDF Flyer: Rebekah Near , CEO of Orca Information, has been providing screening services for 26 years and brings a wealth of industry experience and clarity to this complicated topic. Participants will learn: · How Washington State assists tenants using the Fair Tenant Screening Act · How a Tenant […]

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Tenant Screening Newsletter, February 2018

URGENT – SEATTLE LANDLORDS! More New and Required Wording For Your Rental Applications! On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Seattle Office Of Civil Rights Enforcer/Attorney, Michael Chin gave Tenant Screening companies instruction on compliance to FAIR CHANCE HOUSING. Many screening companies from the United States participated. Screening companies were given required wording for Rental Applications. Many Orca Information […]

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How a 10-Day Notice Works

A 10-day notice is a notice to the tenant to comply with some requirement of the rental agreement or rules and regulations. The notice must state three things: first, the section of the lease, rules and regulations, or statute that the tenant has violated (i.e. payment of utilities or quiet enjoyment for the other tenants); […]

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