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Tenant Screening Newsletter, February 2018


More New and Required Wording For Your Rental Applications!

  1. On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Seattle Office Of Civil Rights Enforcer/Attorney, Michael Chin gave Tenant Screening companies instruction on compliance to FAIR CHANCE HOUSING. Many screening companies from the United States participated.
  2. Screening companies were given required wording for Rental Applications.
  3. Many Orca Information clients have already received their new Rental Applications.
    Some have not yet received the new Rental Application.
  4. If you have already received your new applications then PLEASE replace the 2nd page of
    their Rental Applications with the Form below.
  5. If you have not yet received your new Rental Applications, a generic hard copy Rental
    Application is also provided below. You may use it until we can send the new ones to
  6. We are scrambling to make changes required by this new Seattle ordinance and trying
    hard to get to everyone’s requests and needs.

Thank you for your patience!!!
Open links to the following:

  1. New and Improved 2nd page of Rental Application. For clients who have already received their new
    Rental Applications.
  2. Generic Rental Application. For clients who have NOT yet received their new applications.
  3. Handouts from Seattle Office of Civil Rights to Tenant Screening companies – Rules screening
    companies and landlords are required to follow to comply with Fair Chance Housing ordinance.

Thank you!
Rebekah Near
Orca Information, Inc


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