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The Residential Landlord-Tenant Act (RCW 59.18)

Chapter 59.18 RCW



59.18.010 Short title.
59.18.020 Rights and remedies—Obligation of good faith imposed.
59.18.030 Definitions.
59.18.040 Living arrangements exempted from chapter.
59.18.050 Jurisdiction of district and superior courts.
59.18.055 Notice—Alternative procedure—Court’s jurisdiction limited—Application to chapter 59.20 RCW.
59.18.060 Landlord—Duties.
59.18.063 Landlord—Written receipts for payments made by tenant.
59.18.065 Landlord—Copy of written rental agreement to tenant.
59.18.070 Landlord—Failure to perform duties—Notice from tenant—Contents—Time limits for landlord’s remedial action.
59.18.075 Seizure of illegal drugs—Notification of landlord.
59.18.080 Payment of rent condition to exercising remedies—Exceptions.
59.18.085 Rental of condemned or unlawful dwelling—Tenant’s remedies—Relocation assistance—Penalties.
59.18.090 Landlord’s failure to remedy defective condition—Tenant’s choice of actions.
59.18.100 Landlord’s failure to carry out duties—Repairs effected by tenant—Procedure—Deduction of cost from rent—Limitations.
59.18.110 Failure of landlord to carry out duties—Determination by court or arbitrator—Judgment against landlord for diminished rental value and repair costs—Enforcement of judgment—Reduction in rent under certain conditions.
59.18.115 Substandard and dangerous conditions—Notice to landlord—Government certification—Escrow account.
59.18.120 Defective condition—Unfeasible to remedy defect—Termination of tenancy.
59.18.125 Inspections by local municipalities—Frequency—Number of rental properties inspected—Notice—Appeals—Penalties.
59.18.130 Duties of tenant.
59.18.140 Reasonable obligations or restrictions—Tenant’s duty to conform.
59.18.150 Landlord’s right of entry—Purposes—Searches by fire officials—Searches by code enforcement officials for inspection purposes—Conditions.
59.18.160 Landlord’s remedies if tenant fails to remedy defective condition.
59.18.170 Landlord to give notice if tenant fails to carry out duties.
59.18.180 Tenant’s failure to comply with statutory duties—Landlord to give tenant written notice of noncompliance—Landlord’s remedies.
59.18.190 Notice to tenant to remedy nonconformance.
59.18.200 Tenancy from month to month or for rental period—Termination—Armed forces exception—Exclusion of children—Conversion to condominium—Notice.
59.18.210 Tenancies from year to year except under written contract.
59.18.220 Termination of tenancy for a specified time—Armed forces exception.
59.18.230 Waiver of chapter provisions prohibited—Provisions prohibited from rental agreement—Distress for rent abolished—Detention of personal property for rent—Remedies.
59.18.240 Reprisals or retaliatory actions by landlord—Prohibited.
59.18.250 Reprisals or retaliatory actions by landlord—Presumptions—Rebuttal—Costs.
59.18.253 Deposit to secure occupancy by tenant—Landlord’s duties—Violation.
59.18.255 Source of income—Landlords prohibited from certain acts—Violation—Penalties.
59.18.257 Screening of prospective tenants—Notice to prospective tenant—Costs—Adverse action notice—Violation.
59.18.260 Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenant—Written rental agreement to specify terms and conditions for retention by landlord—Written checklist required.
59.18.270 Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenant—Deposit by landlord in trust account—Receipt—Remedies under foreclosure—Claims.
59.18.280 Moneys paid as deposit or security for performance by tenant—Statement and notice of basis for retention—Remedies for landlord’s failure to make refund.
59.18.285 Nonrefundable fees not to be designated as deposit—Written rental agreement required—Remedies.
59.18.290 Removal or exclusion of tenant from premises—Holding over or excluding landlord from premises after termination date.
59.18.300 Termination of tenant’s utility services—Tenant causing loss of landlord provided utility services.
59.18.310 Default in rent—Abandonment—Liability of tenant—Landlord’s remedies—Sale of tenant’s property by landlord, deceased tenant exception.
59.18.312 Writ of restitution—Storage and sale of tenant’s property—Use of proceeds from sale—Service by sheriff, form.
59.18.315 Mediation of disputes by independent third party.
59.18.320 Arbitration—Authorized—Exceptions—Notice—Procedure.
59.18.330 Arbitration—Application—Hearings—Decisions.
59.18.340 Arbitration—Fee.
59.18.350 Arbitration—Completion of arbitration after giving notice.
59.18.352 Threatening behavior by tenant—Termination of agreement—Written notice—Financial obligations.
59.18.354 Threatening behavior by landlord—Termination of agreement—Financial obligations.
59.18.360 Exemptions.
59.18.363 Unlawful detainer action—Distressed home, previously.
59.18.365 Unlawful detainer action—Summons—Form.
59.18.367 Unlawful detainer action—Limited dissemination authorized, when.
59.18.370 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Writ of restitution—Application—Order—Hearing.
59.18.375 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Payment of rent into court registry—Writ of restitution—Notice.
59.18.380 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Writ of restitution—Answer—Order—Stay—Bond.
59.18.390 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Writ of restitution—Service—Defendant’s bond.
59.18.400 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Writ of restitution—Answer of defendant.
59.18.410 Forcible entry or detainer or unlawful detainer actions—Writ of restitution—Judgment—Execution.
59.18.415 Applicability to certain single-family dwelling leases.
59.18.420 RCW 59.12.09059.12.10059.12.121, and 59.12.170 inapplicable.
59.18.430 Applicability to prior, existing or future leases.
59.18.435 Applicability to proprietary leases.
59.18.440 Relocation assistance for low-income tenants—Certain cities, towns, counties, municipal corporations authorized to require.
59.18.450 Relocation assistance for low-income tenants—Payments not considered income—Eligibility for other assistance not affected.
59.18.500 Gang-related activity—Legislative findings, declarations, and intent.
59.18.510 Gang-related activity—Notice and demand the landlord commence unlawful detainer action—Petition to court—Attorneys’ fees.
59.18.550 Drug and alcohol free housing—Program of recovery—Terms—Application of chapter.
59.18.570 Victim protection—Definitions.
59.18.575 Victim protection—Notice to landlord—Termination of rental agreement—Procedures.
59.18.580 Victim protection—Limitation on tenant screening service provider disclosures and landlord’s rental decisions.
59.18.585 Victim protection—Possession of dwelling unit—Exclusion of others—New lock or key.
59.18.590 Death of a tenant—Designated person.
59.18.595 Death of a tenant—Landlord duties—Disposition of property procedures—Liability.
59.18.900 Severability—1973 1st ex.s. c 207.
59.18.911 Effective date—1989 c 342.
59.18.912 Construction—Chapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships—2009 c 521.

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