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6 must-know productivity strategies for admins

6 Must-Know Productivity Strategies for Admins

High productivity levels are the key to a successful business, no matter the size. It’s time to let technology do the heavy lifting so you can increase productivity and get back to work.
Here are six strategies you can implement to help you and your co-workers become more productive:

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  • Let everyone contribute. Usually in startup businesses, everyone feels responsible for the success or failure of the company. Unfortunately, big businesses tend to lose this dynamic. As an administrative professional who interacts with many people in different departments, you can help everyone feel included, which will allow you to gain access to ideas from each level of the company.
  • Keep it welcoming. Innovative organizations are known for creating fun office spaces that nurture creativity. Strive to create a pleasant and welcoming environment around the office that makes people excited about going to work, and you’re sure to see a boost in productivity in your workplace.
  • Improve your flexibility. With an increasing amount of cloud technology, there’s no reason you can’t take your work on the run. Ask your boss if you can get out of the office every once in a while and work in new areas. Try exploring coffee shops and libraries that will help you break out of a rut. By changing your surroundings, you might change your 
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  •  Embrace new inventions. Don’t shun up-and-coming technology. Instead, work to understand it and train others to do the same. By embracing new technology, you’ll increase your office’s productivity and stop wasting time on fixing old devices.
  •  Be quick on your feet. By working quickly and staying on top of your responsibilities, you can better meet the needs of your boss and your organization’s customers. Startups and other innovative companies are known for accepting feedback from customers and working efficiently to create a turnaround. This efficiency will boost customer satisfaction and the company’s overall output.
  • Make collaboration easy. With remote businesses on the rise, it’s important that remote and office employees know how to effectively collaborate with each other. Create an online collaboration system using a program like SharePoint, Slack or Skype for Business, so you can easily communicate with your co-workers who work remotely. This type of system will also allow you to work together on projects, organize your assignments and share files. This will help your remote colleagues know that their ideas are being heard and implemented.
— Adapted from “7 Productivity tips big businesses can learn from startups,” Nina Bjornstad, ITProPortal.

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