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URGENT – FIGHT BACK!!! Legislative bills that significantly affect landlord rights.

Hello Everyone,
This year the rental housing industry landlords and property owners are under a serious attach from Legislators in Olympia.  There are 3 major bills that are vastly opposed by our side of the industry, SB 5600, HB 1453 and HB 1656.  SB 5600 is the most significant one in that there are 16 major issues and concerns we have.  
Our industry needs our collective help and the way to help is email your Legislators with the concerns you have and make sure they hear you loud and clear.  To locate your legislator, click on this link,  and enter your address. Your legislators will show up and you can email them directly from that page.
I have included information from Rob Trickler and RHA in this email.  The industry is united in helping to fight these bills and this affects everyone of us directly and indirectly in many way.

Changes and Problems in SB 5600

A Message from Rob Trickler, Attorney & Counselor at Law and
President of the Washington Landlord Association (WLA)


Dear Clients, colleagues and friends,
This is becoming a dangerous time to be a landlord and I absolutely need you to help yourself. Senate Bill 5600 has got to be defeated. Please take a look at the list of the things this one single bill would do.

Changes and Problems in SB 5600:

  •  Increases Pay or Vacate Notice from 3 to 14 days
  • Requires civil legal aid resources listed on the pay or vacate notice.
  • Requires “plain language” on the pay or vacate notice
  • Creates definition of rent which excludes all other costs and fees.
  • Removes exemption form the RLTA for employees of the landlord
  • Removes language that states that leases end when they expire. Limits landlords ability to end a lease, requires termination of month-to-month lease.
  • Requires a 60-day notice for rent increase
  • Landlord’s must apply payments to rent first, as defined in section 2.
  • Landlord’s can not evict for nonpayment of fees.
  • Instructs the court to provide relief to a tenant defending a writ of restitution if, in the court’s discretion, relief is appropriate in the interest of justice.
  •  Allows a tenant to cure any judgment for non-payment within five court days’ by paying the principal amount of the judgment to reinstate their tenancy.
  • Changes the bond amount to what will be on the amount of rent due either in the judgment or in the case of alternative service the court shall determine the amount of the bond based on the rent claimed.
  • Increases the penalty for a landlord deliberately including prohibited provision in a rental agreement from $500 to one month’s rent or treble damages, whichever is greater.
  • Requires landlords to provide copies of estimates to charge for damages at the end of an tenancy.
  • Requires landlord to provide documentation to not be liable for withholding a security deposit

Removes the court’s discretion and requires court to award two times the security Just point number 10 alone would mean any court at any time for any reason could simply stop any eviction regardless of how correct the landlord is and has done their eviction process.  
Attached to this email is an idea of what you can do to help move your lawmakers to oppose this bill. I have been attending work groups trying to explain the damage these changes would make to our industry. In addition to contacting your law makers and telling your story and pleading your case let me ask you to go one step closer.
Oppose SB 5600 – PDF LINK

I will buy you dinner if you will come to our legislation day on the hill. Attached to this email is a flyer on the 2019 Legislative Day on the Hill – Wednesday February 20th. This is the event created by Washington Landlord Association (WLA) and if you are willing to attend at least the reception to meet and speak with the lawmakers on these huge issues I will have WLA cover your dinner.
2019 Legislative Day Flyer – PDF

This is critically important. There has never been a more dangerous legislative agenda to the land lording industry and landlords. If SB 5600 is not enough I am also attaching a bulletin showing you what bills are getting hearings this week. Take a look at these bills and get some idea of what we’re up against.
WLA Hearing Schedule – Bills

Your participation is imperative. Please go to our website and register for the February 20th Legislative Reception, so we can get an accurate count for food but I implore you to take one day with us to try and save our livelihood.
WLA Web Link for Registration:
You can also contact any of the three WLA offices to register: WLA Offices

Rob Trickler
Attorney and Counselor at LawPresident Washington Landlord Association 425-303-8000 |

WLA Newsletter – Winter 2019 Edition
WLA Newsletter – PDF Link

Joseph Fisher

2019 chapter Secretary and Treasurer

Greater Snohomish County NARPM Chapter


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