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Orca Newsletter August : Tenant & Employment Background Investigations

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The “Science Daily” says prior DUIs predict future Criminal Activity among firearm Owners Among individuals who legally purchased handguns in California, prior convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) and other alcohol-related crimes were associated with a substantial increase in risk for subsequent violent or firearm-related crime, according to a study published Jan. 30 in Injury Prevention by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program. Many prior studies of the general population have established strong associations between acute alcohol intoxication or a history of alcohol abuse and an increased risk for suicide, homicide and other forms of violence using firearms. They also have shown that DUI offenders have a high prevalence of excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol-use disorders and are more likely to engage in criminal activity, including violence and weapon-related crimes.

Read Here: Prior DUIs predict future criminal activity among firearm owners

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Former Wells Fargo Employees Sue

Eleven former Wells Fargo employees have sued the bank over being fired based on background checks showing minor criminal violations that in some cases were decades old or expunged from their records. The bank conducted the background checks after a 2008 federal law did not allow banks and mortgage companies to employ people with criminal violations involving dishonesty.

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There are three types of drug screening available:

  • Pre-employment
  • Post-accident
  • Random

Standard urine testing from 5 to 10 panels

$45 regardless of panel type

All positive hits receive a full medical review by a board-certified doctor.

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