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What Is The Reason Behind Having This Rental Inspection Law Implemented?

What is the reason behind having this rental inspection law implemented is the opinion here from a reader of Rental Housing Journal. Here is what he says.

“My name is James E Broadus Sr. and I own Broadus Realty Inc.

“I am licensed by the State of Oregon and the State of Washington.

I have been a realtor for over 30 years.

“The first thing I think we need to understand is that when someone comes to you with a new idea, a new law, or a new way of doing things, 99 percent of the time they have  their own best interest at heart first and yours is second, third, fourth or fifth down the line.

“Find out what is the economic reason for having this cost saving law implemented.

“In my OPINION this would be the starting point for solving any problem the city might actually have with the old system. IN MY OPINION.”

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